About Us


The Steel industry has played a key role in the economic development of almost all societies.
Globalization came along with many opportunities as well as difficulties to the industry, but one thing is for sure, the constant changing and transforming scenarios that can go from cusomter's increase / decrease / cancel of a purchase order, going through a lack of cash and/or up to world wide over production. No matter how good or talented people a companny may have, there are permanent problems such as overstock, overruns, secondary, prime excess, aged, obsolete or low movement inventory that frequently needs many and more solutions than the old ways and this is precisley where steel exchange wants to become an efficient tool for your company, to be a practical sales or purchasing player in order to come up with the most effcient solution.


To connect the steel world in order to accomplish the best deals and solutions among buyers and sellers by continually improving our services through the best profesional relantionships.


To be the most reliable company for its performance and problem solving approach.