Privacy Policy

Last update: 09/26/2016

Steel Exchange has developed a Privacy Policy which covers how we collect, communicate, use, transfer and storage your information. This is very important to us.

Collection and use of personal information: This information is the one that can be used to identify or contact any particular person. This information can be used, and/or share among Steel Exchange employees as well as an affiliate company according to this Privacy Policy.

Personal information collected, allows you to keep informed about the latest products and services, web updates and next events. If by any reason you do not want to be in the emailing list, you can be excluded from the list by changing your preferences in My Account section.

We also use your information for internal purposes such as audits, promotions, data analysis and research in order to improve our products and services.

Sometimes Steel Exchange can share some specific personal information to strategic partners that works with us on marketing, financing, management, process information, research and polls assignments.

Steel Exchange protects your personal information, using computer systems with restricted access in a facility guarded by professional guards.

It is important that you know that when you use a forum or chat in our website, all the information that you share in it, is visible to other users and it could be read, collected or used by them. Be very careful on what you share in this forum or chat.

Steel Exchange can use cookies and other technologies in order to understand and improve the user behavior, such as indicate the most visited part of the website or the effectiveness of our advertisement.

The information Steel Exchange collects includes and is not limited to, user name, address, mobile number, telephone number, fax number, email address, gender, date and/or year of birth and user´s preferences. All of the information may be collected at the time of user registration on the sites.

Regarding any transaction or payment services or services under our buyer protection schemes we provide on the sites, information including but not limited to, bank account numbers, billing and delivery information, credit/debit card numbers and expirations dates and tracking information from cheques or money orders may be collected to, among other things, facilitate the sale or purchase as well as the settlement of purchase price of the products or services transacted on or procured through the Sites.

We record and retain records of users' buying and browsing activities on our platform including but not limited to IP addresses, browsing patterns and buyer behavioral patterns. In addition, we gather statistical information about the Sites and visitors to the Sites including, but not limited to, IP addresses, browser software, operating system, software and hardware attributes, pages viewed, number of sessions and unique visitors (together "Browsing Information").

Registration Information, Account Information, Activities Information, Event Information and Browsing Information generally relate to business entities and are together referred to as business data (“Business Data”). Insofar and only insofar as they constitute personally identifiable data of living individuals, such information are together referred to as personal data (“Personal Data”).

This Privacy Policy also applies mobile applications.

Your feedback is very important and you are welcome to give any comment or question.

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