Protection Policy


Counterfeits. Means to imitate something or fake replicas of the real product or information.

IPR. Intellectual Property Rights. Are the protections granted to the creators if IP, including trademarks, copyrights, patents, industrial design rights and trade secrets.

SE. Steel Exchange

Sensitive Information. Contact user

IT. Information Technology

Goal: main goal is to ensure information is properly processed, storage, protected and transmitted to the specific users of this website.


People from around the globe that has been logged in and/or subscribed to this website will be able to see, ask, consult and/or buy the items shown.

SE employees can have access to sensitive information. All SE employees signed and confidentiality agreement in order to prevent disclosure information.

Sensitive information will be stored and transmitted in SE server under strict IT personal and security surveillance, along with archive files.

It is strictly prohibited to list, post, attempt to buy or sale, buy and/or sale counterfeits, replicas or unauthorized items, materials and/or information. Thus, Steel Exchange is authorized to remove any line or information in case of detecting any of the previously mentioned arguments.

If any user incurred in a violation of the “IPR” policy, Steel Exchange may terminate membership, remove posts or lists and account suspension.

All conflicting IPR or intellectual property conflicts or infringements shall be resolved by the relevant conflicting parties separately from Steel Exchange ( and the site. SE does not adjudge, resolve or interact in any conflicting intellectual property infringement claims.