Every customer is unique, and steel exchange want to serve you the best we can based on tailor made solutions.

Many segments and/or markets request confidentiality due to different reasons or strategies, thus, steel exchange offer the possibility of becoming an intermediary between the buyer and seller in order to concrete any given transaction, keeping the third party in secrecy.


steel exchange can help you find the Steel you need taking advantage of its wide range of partners, contacts and know how.

Let us become an extension of your purchasing department and help you.


Quality inspection is a service that can help decide making the purchasing decision and that's the reason steel exchange offer this service by the random quality inspection method (using AQL Level II) or if the customer prefers, a detailed and full inspection of the material.

We adjust to your needs and Budget. Please contact your Steel exchange partner to find out more about this service.


Worry about international or domestic purchasing secure transactions?

steel exchange goes physically to the job site to inspect and supervise material shipping, loading container or truckload and tracking order. All steel exchange services are negotiate with two objetives, customer satisfaction and reliability for future purchases.


steel exchange alliances with customs agent and logistics partners can help you simplify bringing the Steel you need into your facility.

We rely with some of the best in these industries and this way we can offer a full quality service to get the job done. Ask your Steel exchange partner about these services and rely on us.


Steel world is constantly changing, there are so many Steel parts or ítems in different industries that are being replace with plastic, alluminum, etc and viceversa. There are also many new inventions or products using Steel, as well as reengineeirigns to new grades of Steel make it feaseble to substitute another commodity.

Despite the above mentioned, we believe that there is not enough advertising of Steel companies, their products and scopes and for this reason, steel exchange offers in this platform a perfect way to reach any potential customer around the world.


This service is target to Steel mills or customers willing to sale large batch of overruns, secondary or out of spec Steel, altough anyone can request this service if customer feeling or expertise think is the best way for sale.

A recommendation from Steel exchange is to generate momentum and promote each auction via our ADVERTISING service in order to communicate the date and auction rule´s and acquire a big list of attendance.